Background Information About Israel

Official Name: The State of IsraelForm of Rule: parliamentary democracyCapital City: JerusalemArea: 21,643 square kilometersPopulation: 9 million residents (2018 estimation)Distribution by Religion: 76.5% Jews, 16% Muslims, 2% Christians, 1.5% Druze, 4%

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Israel’s History

The riches of the Land of Israel are manifold, combining breathtaking beauty, long and profound histories and superb modernity’s, enabling perfect rest and relaxation conditions

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Israel’s Population

The population of Israel is estimated to be about 9.1 million people. It is most prominently characterized by an unprecedented diversity. The country’s inhabitants can

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Group Tours

If you are interested in adding small, but fun and pampering amenities to your travel in Israel, one of the best ways to go about

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