A Biblical Journey

Israel is the land of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. The land of Jesus!The Sea of The Galilee and Nazareth

The Holy Land contains both the beginning and the end. This is the land where Christianity began, and it is here where the battle of Armageddon will take place and all will be over – or, as many would say, all will begin once again.

Israel is truly the definitive land, fusing the past with the future, and connecting faith with scripture in its very soul. Here you can see with your own eyes how the Scriptures spring to life. As vivid as they are when read in black and white, this is nothing compared to truly beholding the tangible landmarks that represent such Biblical importance.


Born again, Christian – Jesus path

To visit Israel means that you can envision, so much more effectively, the heroes of the Scriptures. The holy writings will hold even more significance for you Yardenit, river Jordan, Israel when you are able to connect the words with the exact places they’re describing. Jerusalem, Joppa, Magdala, the Galilee, and especially Capernaum, are so much more meaningful when you actually walk around these places.

As real as they seem in the Old and New Testaments, they’ll take on much greater reality when they envelop you and all your senses. Exploring the Land of Israel or the jesus path will instill an even deeper understanding of the Holy Scriptures in you. Touring this land is a fantastic opportunity to strengthen and widen your faith in the Lord; such is the effect of so holy a land.

We are not here to celebrate the place. The event is what that interest us

Your gain from a trip to the Holy Land is a personal transformation that can’t be fully expressed in words. Reading the Bible after traveling the Land of Israel will never be the same as it was before.

The sights you’ll see with your own eyes, the cities you’ll explore, the sacred paths that you’ll cross, which were all once encountered by Jesus, are sure to enhance your connection to God.

My job as your guide is only as your cane or your torch. Supporting you on the way or illuminating the road for you.

I want you to experience and discover the truth with your own two eyes. The images of Israel that you take with you will always be in your mind’s eye as you read through the text of the Holy Scriptures. And that is something on which no value can be placed.

For visitors who are here for a shorter number of days, we recommend a route that includes Jerusalem, the Sea of Galilee and Nazareth, with a focus on the

Gethsemane Garden, Jerusalem

archeological sites mentioned in both testaments. Your short tour will focus on the most important sites, such as the Jerusalem-based Garden Tomb and Gethsemane.

Please have a look on some of my longer private tours itineraries tailor made especially for Christians as yourself:

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