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As one of the most thrilling, welcoming and engaging places in the world, the Land of Israel is also a very tolerant place.

The Israeli population is a rich and intriguing mosaic of ethnic and religious groups. Each one with its own long-standing ties to the land, and its unique contributions to the common culture.

This colorful and sunny country, with its exciting experiences and warm people, is sure to make you feel right at home.

The pluralistic and liberal concept of ‘live and let live’ originates in the Hebrew Bible, so there’s no surprise to find that it still the leading moto, giving the gay community in Tel Aviv a main role city’s culture and spirit. This has helped to cement Israel as the strongest and most prospering gay community in the Middle

East, as well as one of the top GLBTQ holiday destinations in the world.

The City that never sleeps – LGBT tours

The streets of Tel Aviv afford a youthful and vibrant atmosphere. You’ll see many same-sex couples strolling around, sometimes also spending some quality time with their kids. This city, the touristic charm of which includes coffee shops, restaurants and nightclubs. It is also full of colorful people and activist groups, easily visible at the artists’ market promenade.

There are many LGBT community events in Tel Aviv, including the annual parade and a movie festival at the city’s Cinematheque.

The city of Jerusalem also holds an annual gay parade and has an Open House for the community.

As soon as you make your expectations, wishes and fields of interest known, you will have a special itinerary designed particularly for you, fitting your preferences perfectly. We can plan your trip together, tailored to include the places and events that you wish to visit. You will feel secure and welcome at every point of your Israel trip.


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