One of the most thrilling, welcoming and engaging places in the world, the Land of Israel is also a very tolerant place, as well as gay friendly and open-minded entailment, Full of life, color, sun, exciting experiences and warm people just waiting for you.

This country is sure to make you feel as if you have arrived at a home away from home.

The pluralistic and liberal concept of ‘live and let live’ originates in the old Hebrew Bible and it is therefore no surprise to find that it is still very meaningful here, enabling the gay community in Tel Aviv to take on a role which is essential for the entire city’s varied population. This has helped in cementing Israel as the strongest and most prospering gay community in the Middle East, as well as one of the leading GLBTQ centers in the world. In the streets of Tel Aviv, you will find not only a youthful and vibrant atmosphere, but also a safe and calm space, where many same-sex couples feel free to stroll around, holding hands, hugging, sometimes also spending some quality time with their kids. This city, the touristic charm of which includes coffee shops, restaurants and night clubs, is also filled with colorful people and activist groups, as one can easily see at the artists’ market promenade. Here, one can find many examples of the diversity, which is characteristic to Israeli society, including the presence of Darfur refugees who have found a haven in Israel, nude model paintings on the beach and much more.

The country is a rich and intriguing mosaic of ethnic and religious groups, each with its own long-standing ties to the land. This is just another of several contributing factors leading to people being tolerant and open-minded towards those who are different from themselves. In addition to the long history and many adventurous sites that the country can offer, you’ll also get the chance to explore the ethnic cooperative on the one hand and the complicated relationships that exist here, on the other. As soon as you make your expectations, wishes and fields of interest known, you will have a special itinerary designed particularly for you, fitting your preferences perfectly. Rest assured that at practically no point during your travel in Israel will you feel any lack in either safety, security or calm, nor will you encounter any feelings of oddness.

A few interesting facts about Israel you may not have known:   It is a leader in the field of archeological excavation; it contains the biggest number of museums in the world per person; it consists of five different climate areas in the relatively small geography of just 22,000 square kilometers; found on the path of bird migration, it has many kinds of birds resting here on their journey, as well as a huge number of endemic plants and flowers; it is considered one of the holiest places in the world by all three monotheistic religions (Judaism, Islam, Christianity) and a world center for two additional religions (Baha’i and Ahmeds).


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