The Coast & some of it’s amazing sites

Our tour of coastal Israel will begin in Tel Aviv or Jerusalem, according to your preference. We will visit Caesarea, Acre & Haifa, traveling northward along the coastline of Israel. At the highest point of our tour, we will reach Rosh Hanikra. Sea, mountain and limestone underwater caves all converge at this spot near Israel’s northern border.

Acre – a world heritage site… twice

City of Akko (Acre)

The day tour begins with a visit to the UNESCO World Heritage Site at the city of Akko (Acre). The recently discovered Crusaders Halls await us here. This site dates back to the second Crusaders’ kingdom in the Holy Land. We’ll inspect the tunnels, the halls, the headquarters, the ports and much more.

The Ottoman period occurred during the 18th and 19th centuries at this location. We will get to know it through the prism of the Turkish Hamam and Napoleon’s conquering

journey of the land. Following a walk through the underground 12th century Templers Tunnels, we will stroll along the alleys of Akko’s Old City, passing by the Oriental Market and the Arab mosque on our way to the old port in this coastal magic tour. We will also stop at the incredible and unique Tunisian Synagogue, time permitting. The view as we leave Akko will take our breath away, as we travel on our way north to Rosh Hanikra’s incredible limestone grottos. The caves are located at Israel’s most northern point, next to the border with Lebanon, and on the shore of the Mediterranean Sea. Here we will enjoy the blue waves, the steep mountains, and the fascinating underwater world that is created when they collide.

The Baha’i Gardens at Mount Carmel

Our next stop for the day is the third-largest city in Israel, Haifa. The Baha’i shrine and gardens will afford us a stunning panoramic view of the city. This site isThe Baha'i Gardens the world’s second most sacred place for this young religion.  Surpassed only by the shrine in the vicinity of Akko, where the religion’s founder and prophet are buried. The shrine and gardens are groomed according to its revered status. It is, therefore, no surprise that there are many who swear that this site is even more beautiful than the Versailles Gardens. To complete this experience of beauty, both natural and contrived, we will head in the direction of the Louis Promenade. This locale will afford us a dazzling bird’s view of the city of Haifa and of the bay upon which it was built.

King Herod and Caesarea Maritima King Herod and Caesarea Maritima

The next and last stop for the day is the beautiful, 2000-year-old city of Caesarea. The city was built by none other than the Great Herod himself, and soon afterward, became the ancient Roman capital in the governor’s time. Caesarea offers us many sights, such as the old Roman Theater and the hippodrome, the beautiful palaces and the Roman streets. We will tour Crusaders’ city, with its important strategic moat and aqueduct. Our tour includes these spots and many other archeological ruins and findings.

The day will be complete when you taste some of the best ice creams in Israel at the Crusaders’ port.


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