The Jerusalem experience

If we’d need to pick one place in the world that deserves to be named the Residency of God, it is without a doubt the beautiful, sacred, historical, mysterious, wonderful and complex city of Jerusalem.

The most popular destination in Israel

Jerusalem is the most popular destination in Israel, as it holds the utmost importance for all three monotheistic religions – the Jewis

h, Christian and Muslim faiths. This holy city contains more history than any other spot on earth, over 3000 years of heritage, and there is no other site quite like it.

Together we will embark on a trip to Jerusalem that invites you to discover the city in an intimate fashion that will leave you breathless. Our Jerusalem guided tour guarantees a special experience, during which you will delve deeply and thoroughly into the secrets of a spiritual and historical world.

On our Holy Land Day Trips, Jerusalem is experienced in one comprehensive day of travel.


The Jerusalem Holy Land tour covers religious sites, chosen according to travelers’ preferences, the various parts of the city, both old and new, and the historical and cultural gems Jerusalem offers her visitors.

During our tour, you can take in the sprawling and lush panoramic vistas that surround this fascinating metropolis and visit fascinating museums.  Day trips of Jerusalem include the somber, yet inspiring Yad Vashem – Israel’s central Holocaust Memorial, the ever intriguing Israel Museum, which is one of the world’s ten largest museums, and many more unforgettable landmarks.

The short list above demonstrates just a sliver of Jerusalem’s richness. The city’s beauty and appeal is that all visitors can find their own path and passion here. An additional list of Jerusalem’s most important sites follows, to further illustrate this point. The following list would hopefully assist you to plan your Jerusalem journey.

Jerusalem Experience Tour

The private tour I can offer you are completely flexible

The private tours of Jerusalem I offer you are completely flexible. You’ll be able to spend as much time as you like in each site.

You will never feel rushed or restricted with us. We firmly believe that a place like Jerusalem should be wholly enjoyed, with all it has to offer.

For many, Jerusalem is the main reason for visiting Israel in the first place.

You deserve all the time you want to relish in the wondrous capital city. Don’t settle for anything less than enjoying every second of the tour. To this end, we highly recommend you explore the city with the help of a private, license tour-guide. We have no doubt that if you choose this option, you’ll be incredibly glad that you did.

You may choose a tour of Jerusalem with a particular Jewish or Christian emphasis.

Our recommendation is to bear in mind that the city has much more to discover beyond the religious realm. Your requirements are paramount, and we plan your trip according to your specific preferences.

A classic visit of Jerusalem can be extended to a larger area. The tour is a great opportunity to visit Bethlehem, the birth-place of Jesus.  Please click here for a sample tour itinerary.


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