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Markets in Israel are very special places, as they represent so many different cultures. The past 130 years have heralded the gathering of Jewish people from allFruits over the world. Each wave of immigration has introduced its unique culture and cuisines.

A market, known in Middle Eastern culture as a souq, or “shuk” in Hebrew will give you a first-hand taste of daily life in Israel. The amazing melting pot that brought Israel to the way that it is, is tasted in the very literal sense, as you get a chance to taste the local food.

Many cities in Israel have markets. The most famous markets are Machne Yehuda in Jerusalem, and Tel Aviv’s Carmel Market, known as Shuk HaCarmel in Hebrew.

Every market experience immerses you in special sights, smells and sounds. Fruits and vegetables are famous the world over, and the freshest and best produce in Israel can be obtained markets.

The smells and tastes – markets tours

The markets are open for long hours from Sundays to Fridays in Israel. UFruits and vegetables sually, the busiest on Thursdays and on Friday mornings, as the locals buy produce in preparation for the Sabbath. Fruits and vegetables are a central part of Israeli cuisine. You can know all these during our markets tours.

Markets have also developed into places of entertainment and gourmet dining, and there are several kinds of concept restaurants, which offer a unique dish for discerning palates.

You can tour Israel as a local when you take a market tour. Everything is at your fingertips at the market. You can shop for exotic spices, enjoy a fabulous meal, area of the market, bargain with hawkers when you buy a local piece of jewelry, and enjoy a tour alongside the stalls – all in one day, and in one place.

After stalls close for the day, nightlife abounds in several markets.

Take your pick!

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