Kids are floating in the Dead Sea resortA Classic View of Israel

For tourists most interested in Israel’s famous vintage spots, the beaten track is often the best. Classic routes will lead you to these time-honored favorites.

When your time in Israel is limited to several days, or perhaps even to a single day, the obvious goal is to maximize this short visit. The best way to achieve this is to set up a private tour. Your guide will consider your needs, limitations and desired destinations for your best possible touring experience.

Classic tours of Israel of the country are ideal for a short visit. If you are here for a single day, Jerusalem is the recommended focal spot for your classic Israel tour.

Israel from your viewpoint

You can take a Jerusalem tour based on your chosen religion in the classic tours of israel. Tour the eternal city with a Christian or Jewish emphasis, visiting the relevant religious highlights. You can base your city tour on a chosen theme. You may also prefer an excursion without any particular emphasis, and just visit the classic, must-see sites.

A Camel during Jerusalem tour Another highly recommended destination is the Dead Sea region. This unique sea’s salt and minerals are famous worldwide for their healing and beneficial qualities. The waters carry you effortlessly, while you float and relax in a refreshing, unforgettable way. A variety of fascinating sites exist in the area, where you can explore the land’s ancient history.

The Sea of Galilee and Nazareth hold a special appeal for those interested in the beginnings of Christianity in Israel. With its luscious, green scenery, this northern region of Israel is also known as the Land of Jesus.

Israel’s coastal region offers the chance to visit UNESCO World Heritage Sites, such as the Baha’i Gardens in Haifa and the Knights’ Halls in Old Acre, Akko in Hebrew.

Israel has many more attractions. However, for visits that exceed two or three days, it’s best to plan a schedule suited to your specific requirements.

For a perfect journey in the Holy Land.

Consider several additional touring options, detailed below.

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