Some of the classic tours of Israel

When arriving in Israel for a limited number of days or even just one single day, your obvious goal is to efficiently use your time here to the maximum. The best way to achieve this is by setting up a private tour that takes into consideration your needs, limitations and interests in order to make sure you have the best experience possible. Usually, if you’re here for just one day, the most recommended destination would be Jerusalem during your Israel classic tours.

Your tour of the Eternal City can be built with a Christian or Jewish emphasis,

around a completely different theme or of course you may prefer an excursion without any specific emphasis one way or another, just the classic, must see sites.

Another highly recommended visit would be to the unique Dead Sea, whose salt and minerals are renowned throughout the world for their healing and benefactor qualities. A float there upon waters which carry you effortlessly is a refreshing, unforgettable way to relax and the surroundings of the area also offer you a variety of fascinating sites through which you can explore the land’s ancient history.

For those interested in the beginnings of Christianity in Israel, the Sea of Galilee and Nazareth will hold a special appeal, as in addition to the luscious, green scenery, this northern region of Israel is also known as the Land of Jesus.

Several additional options for your consideration are blow….

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