The Footsteps of Jesus – Jerusalem & Bethlehem

Week events centering on Jesus.

Our tour will begin with a glorious view of Jerusalem from the Mount of Olives. This spot contains special importance for Christianity, as the locale of the Holy We will behold the Old City at our feet, and see the Temple Mount, where the Holy Temple stood.

The Palm Sunday Road will lead us to the Church of All Nations and the beautiful Garden of Gethsemane. In this tranquil atmosphere, we will re-visit Jesus’ final hours before his capture.

Jerusalem and Bethlehem – Our path continues to the Jewish, Muslim, Armenian and Christian Quarters. These quarters comprise the Old City and enable us to more fully appreciate this historical area’s diversity.

The Old City of Jerusalem

Our first stop here will be the Western Wall, considered by Jews to be the most sacred and treasured place in the world. This revered site enables a surprisingly hands-on experience. At your wish, you can inscribe a personal note and place it in the wall, recite an emotional prayer, or simply admire this magnificent edifice, which stands firmly at over 2000 years old.

Jerusalem & Bethlehem

The Via Dolorosa

We will follow the Via Dolorosa and continue to the Muslim Quarter. This route takes us down the path of agony that Jesus suffered on the way to crucifixion.

Our path will cover most significant stops, including the five final stations, located in the Church of the Holy Sepulchre. Our visit at this church represents the climax of many travelers’ Jerusalem tour. The matchless significance of this church signifies the holiest place in the world for Christians. TBy the tradition, Jesus was crucified and buried here and this is where St. Helena found the Cross of the Crucifixion 1700 years ago. We will inspect the various parts of the Church, including the Golgotha, the Holy Sepulchre (Jesus’ tomb), the five final stations of the Via Dolorosa and others.

We will proceed to the Jewish Quarter. Simply by crossing this area, we will be transported from one historic level to another. The Roman and Jewish Cardos

co-exist here, comprising the Fifth Avenue of ancient and modern Jerusalem, respectively.

The Birth place of Jesus & King David

Coming next, for our second part of the day, the visit Bethlehem, the birth city of Jesus Christ and King David. We will visit the Church of Nativity, the earthly spot of the birth of Jesus. We will be privileged to see the Star of Bethlehem and to glance at the Shepherd’s Field. After a full day of spiritual sites, we will return to your hotel.

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