The Port of Haifa – where will I visit today…

Welcome to mount Carmel – The home of the Carmelites

Entering the Land of Israel through one of its seaports is a truly unique experience. As you arrive in Haifa, your view from the deck will display the marvelous Baha’i Gardens, the evergreen Carmel Mountain and the gorgeous bay in a way most Israelis will never see. The opportunity to dock in Israel at its northern port city of Haifa is actually the main reason that many travelers choose this cruise.

It is therefore no surprise that this spot is a wonderful departure point for land tours, offering you some of the most exciting shore excursions in this country,

and quite possibly the very best routes that you’ll travel during your entire cruise. With only a short while at your disposal, you’ll most likely want to make the most of your brief visit.

A private tour – the best way to go around

Time effective travel can easily be achieved by employing the services of a private guide of Israel. You guide will ensure that you enjoy a personally tailored tour, complying with all your needs, desires, requirements and wishes. A well-planned trip will also provide you with peace of mind, as your time here is carefully planned and ideally utilized.

The most popular Christian shore excursion is

the Sea of Galilee and Nazareth. The next attraction is the Port of Haifa.

So many options of shore excursions 

Aerial View of Haifa city, Israel

For tours with a Jewish emphasis, the most sought-after route includes two important cities: Acre, with a visit at the Knights Halls, and Safed – the birthplace of Kabbalah.

When docking in Haifa, touring the Golan Heights is another excellent option.

Haifa can serve as a starting point for a wonderful day trip to the coastal plain. Your tour guide will introduce you to the cities of Caesarea, Jaffa and Tel Aviv,

built along the Mediterranean shore. Alternately, you can choose the classic coastal tour of Caesarea, Haifa, Akko and Rosh Hanikra, with its impressive grottos. You may opt for a more relaxed coastal tour, with a visit to the neighboring cities of Jaffa & Tel-Aviv. Combining historical sites with modern-day tourist diversions and city nightlife.

Travelers who are interested in touring The Jerusalem region or the Dead Sea, may begin their tour at The Port of Haifa. When the starting point is Haifa, an overnight stay in Jerusalem is highly recommended if at all possible, as these routes are longer than tours that begin in Ashdod.

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