Israel has numerous wineries that produce world class wine, many of which were awarded international prizes and are recommended by such celebrated wine critics as Robert Parker.

Many Israeli wineries offer short excursions that include sampling their special wines along with some of the finest cheese in the country and they subsequently offer their products with special discounts, which makes for very affordable prices.

As small a country as Israel is, it is home to no less than about 300 wineries, most of which specialize in making boutique wines as this field has been expanding and developing for the past twenty years.

Not too long ago, kosher wine was served only for religious purposes, making for a limited selection, but as demands have changed over time thanks to new techniques of producing kosher wine, so has the offered variety. The wines’ quality is undoubted as, in fact, they are regularly winning international awards every single year.

The most splendid wineries can be found in four central areas in this land, with each one of these having a characterizing uniqueness and the tastes and strains that are distinguishably its own.

In a tour dedicated to this theme we will concentrate on one specific area, as it is advisable not to visit more than 3-4 wineries a day.

It is also possible to incorporate a wineries tour as part of another, day trip (allowing you to enjoy other types of sites as well) or as a part of a several days journey.

The aforementioned areas are:

  • The Golan Heights area (with the famous Golan Heights wineries)
  • The area of the (in particularly, Upper) Galilee
  • The Carmel area
  • The area of the Northern Negev Desert and Southern Mount Hebron



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