Without a doubt, there is no other place in the world that has as many sites of historical and cultural significance as the Land of Israel.

Starting with the oldest city known worldwide, Jericho, to the place known as Armageddon, through Capernaum and of course, the Eternal City of Jerusalem, this country is packed with locations of unequivocal monumental importance.

A local humorous saying claims that if any Israeli would dig deep enough in his or her back yard, they are guaranteed to always find some object from an ancient period of history. This is a reflection of the archeological wealth in Israel, reputed to be home of some of the most excavated areas in the world.

Not for nothing is Jerusalem considered to be the very center of the universe (and was even so portrayed in old maps). For many, this city is still the beating heart of humanity, hiding within its layers a myriad of secrets and the keys to some of the human race’s greatest mysteries, touching upon subjects such as history, spirituality, human thought, national identity, architecture and many more.

The Nature and Parks Authority’s sites are some of the most fascinating in existence, regardless of origin or faith. The cradle of human culture can only be found here, in the Holy Land, no matter one’s religious affiliation, this is a powerful thing to experience.

In addition to this, the fact that the main routes connecting the three continents of Asia, Europe and Africa, all passed through this small country means that it was no coincidence that all along history, every major empire has tried to conquer and control this land. This is also why some of the most heartbreaking, as well as reaffirming, human stories come from this arena of constant battle. Consequently, as we try to approach this vast and complex history nowadays, the results and findings are often no less than astonishing.

It is therefore no surprise that numerous places in Israel have been recognized as World Heritage Sites by UNESCO, including, among many others, the Herodian fortress on top of Mount Masada, the Baha’i Gardens in Haifa, the White City in the center of Tel Aviv, Akko‘s only crusaders town in the world, and the Me’arot Stream, home of prehistoric men.

In a tour with an archeological emphasis we will visit all the places Israel is renowned for, including spots which are off the beaten trail. Naturally, we can add to the plan any site you’re interested in seeing, not just archeological ones.



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