Historical Journey

There is undoubtedly no place in the world with as many sites of historical and cultural significance as this Land..

Starting with the oldest city in the worldwide, Jericho, to Armageddon, through Capernaum and of course, the Eternal City of Jerusalem. This country is packed with locations of unequivocal monumental importance.

A humorous local saying claims that if any Israeli would dig deep enough in his or her backyard. Some object from an ancient period of history guaranteed to be found. This is a reflection of the archeological wealth in Israel. The reputable home of some of the most excavated areas in the world.

Not for nothing is Jerusalem considered to be the very center of the universe, even portrayed so in old maps. For many, this city is still the beating heart of humanity, hiding within its layers a myriad of secrets and the keys to some of the human race’s greatest mysteries. Jerusalem represents subjects such as history, spirituality, human thought, national identity, architecture and many more.


The Nature and Parks Authority’s sites are some of the most fascinating in existence, regardless of origin or faith. The cradle of human culture is here, in the Holy Land. No matter one’s religious affiliation, this is a powerful experience. Explore all of this during our historical sites tours.

The National Parks

The land holds many archeological sites. Therefore, a tour with an archeological emphasis can focus on a range of periods, or on an era of your choice. Israel’s richBeit Shean, Israel variety of 35 thousand archeological sites, enables us to base your tour on any selected empire, period or dynasty. It’s all up to you…

Unsurprisingly, numerous places in Israel are World Heritage Sites by UNESCO. Among many others, these sites include the fortress on top of Mount Masada, the Baha’i Gardens in Haifa, the White City in the center of Tel Aviv, Akko, the world’s only crusader town, and many more. A tour can combine sites or focus on locations of your choice.

An archeological tour covers all the places Israel is famous for, including spots which are off the beaten track. Naturally, we can adapt your tour to include additional places, not just archeological sites.

We tailor our historical tours to suit our modern tourists!

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