Israel is particularly renowned in relation to the field of religion and politics, but truthfully, it offers so much more. This is especially pronounced when it comes to its beautiful nature, which brings to mind the landscapes of the Garden of Eden. One can therefore build a tour which would be based upon or add in hiking trips selected out of the rich variety of hiking trails that this land holds in store.

One of the simplest ways to start off is by exploring parts of the Israel Trail (one of the ten best hiking trails in the world according to National Geographic; beginning in Dan, a stream at the north of Israel, and ending in Eilat, the southern tip of the country) or the Golan Trail (the Golan Heights are the luscious green parts of Israel which have hardly been touched by urban building). Another possibility is to merge short excursions of several hours, a single day or several days into your schedule, with accommodations being either out in the field or by finishing the day in a comfortable hotel, all as you prefer it. It’s also possible to include bike routes passing through different zones (with varying characteristics and levels of difficulty) into the itinerary we’ll build specifically for your tour.

Recently, a new and amazing hiking option has been opened up for interested tourists – the Jesus Trail.
It starts in Nazareth and leads you all the way to Capernaum.
Its route passes through several different points which are described in the gospels and the Holy Scriptures, so you are quite literally walking in the footsteps of Jesus! The trail’s entire length comes up to 70 kilometers (which are 45 miles) and you can choose to integrate it all into your plans or just the portions of it which most appeal to you. If there are other interests or special attractions that you would like to explore by foot, simply make your wishes known and the best possible schedule will be constructed especially for you, with all options open to you and waiting for you to come and experience them!


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