Hiking throughout the Land 

Israel is particularly renowned for the field of religion and politics, but this country offers so much more.Masada, Israel

This is especially appreciable through Israel’s beautiful nature, which brings to mind the landscapes of the Garden of Eden. One can therefore build a tour based upon, or incorporating, hiking trips selected from the rich variety of hiking trails that this land holds in store.

If you’re traveling with children, and it’s always good for them to enjoy the great outdoors, or if you’d just like to enjoy Israel’s natural riches. We can focus most or all of the trip on nature reserves and national parks.


The Climate

Israel is located in a junction of climatic zones. Therefore, weather changes across regions, from the snowy Hermon peaks to the arid Negev desert. The country’s Israel Trail Hiking Tours varied topography is mostly due to the Great Syria-African Rift, which created the Jordan Valley, the Hula Valley, the Kinneret (the Sea of Galilee), and of course, the lowest spot on earth – the Dead Sea. Let us discover all this during our hiking tours.

One of the simplest ways to start is to explore parts of the Israel Trail. This path is one of the ten best hiking trails in the world, according to National Geographic.

The Israel Trail begins at the Dan stream, found in the north of Israel, and it ends in Eilat, the southern tip of the country. You can also pursue the beautiful greenery of the Golan Trail. The Golan Heights are the luscious green parts of Israel that have hardly been touched by urban buildings. Another option is to merge short excursions into your schedule. These excursions can be several hours, a single day or several days. During your combination tour, you can choose your preferred accommodation. Either sleeping out in the field or ending the day in a comfortable hotel. It is also possible to include bike routes in the itinerary. We can bike through varied zones, with tour duration and difficulty specifically suited to your requirements.

Jesus Trail

Historical Sites Tours

Ancient Alley in Jewish Quarter, Jerusalem. Israel. Photo in old color image style.

The Jesus Trail is an amazing new option recently available for interested tourists. The trail begins in Nazareth and leads you all the way to Capernaum, passing

through several different points described in the Gospels and the Holy Scriptures. So you are quite literally walking in the footsteps of Jesus! The trail’s entire length consists of 70 kilometers (or 45 miles).

You can choose to fully integrate it into your plans or just the portions of it that most appeal to you. If there are other interests or special attractions that you would like to explore by foot, simply make your wishes known – and the best possible schedule will be constructed especially for you. All options are open and just waiting for you to experience them by hiking tours!



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