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About me

My name is Ofir Horn and it is my calling to accompany visitors to Israel. I’ve been a licensed tour guide for over ten years and have extensive and in-depth knowledge of this country. I am 39 years old, and live in the vivacious, exotic city of Tel Aviv with my wife and our two beautiful children.

Why go the VIP route

I established “Holy Land Private Tours” to satisfy the need for quality tours of Israel.

I wholeheartedly believe that a private tour can provide you with the best visit to Israel, and a VIP tour with personal attention can give you added value.

We are taking a special care when planning the VIP tours, to comply with any accoutrements that my special guests could possibly need. Your route is planned according to your specific requirements and requests, and you’ll be free from small and large hassles, to make your Israel visit so much more enjoyable.

About Ofir Horn Tour-Guide

Masada, Israel - Vip Tours Israel

Families or individuals, whether on business or completely touring at their leisure, would do well to choose the VIP route during VIP tours with Ofir Horn. Every tour I take is planned perfectly with every little detail. still, it is totally flexible and can be adapted on the fly – I will cater to any unanticipated needs during your visit.

We’re well aware of the multitude of available options for guided tours in the Holy Land. We’d like to ease this process for you. We recommend our holy land VIP tours to provide you with the ultimate, most comprehensive Israeli experience.

This package will afford you a highly specified traveling experience, crafted carefully for small groups and families. If you’re seeking to enjoy as the best possible comfort and extra care during their vacation. Our Holy Land VIP tours are also suitable for short-term visitors. Businesspeople who’re interested in adding a unique and once-in-a-lifetime experience to their business trip can also enjoy our VIP Tours. Israel offers you the best in both business and pleasure.

Any tour of the mine includes all the basic touring services: in-depth and detailed guidance, entrance to tourist spots, and hotel accommodation, which generally includes breakfast

VIP Tours with Ofir Horn, Israel – Tailor made tour – just for you


Holy Land Vip Tours

However, I can provide you with so much more. The VIP route takes care of all your culinary needs, as all meals are included. As our VIP guest, you can gain entrance to spots that are not usually open to the public. You can travel your guided path in luxury vehicles and gain access even to army bases (in special cases). You can even opt to travel by helicopter – the sky is literally the limit!

Our Vip tours in Israel are designed with the best this country has to offer.

We are planning your entire trip from A to Z, with all services included as part of the package.

Our specialty it to customized your tour according to your every desire and personal requirement. Our VIP guests choose the route and all the accompanying amenities. The tours include luxurious accommodations, VIP transportation means, gourmet restaurants dining, visits to the most luxurious spa facilities and many other surprises.

Your preferences

We invest extra attention in each and every tour, to create a tour according to your personal preferences. We aim to create a one-of-a-kind journey, so that you can sit back, relax and explore all the wonders the country offers to its guests.

Schedules are completely custom-tailored to meet your requirements and desires, and to ensure complete satisfaction.
We’re able to create a comprehensive and varied touring package, combining visits in central religious sites, spectacular natural landscapes, attractions and activities for the whole family, with anything else that may interest you during your unforgettable stay in Israel.


At Holy Land Private Tours, we specialize in crafting unforgettable travel and leisure packages.

For other tourists’ opinions on my role as tour guide, please refer to The Testimonial Page.

You can read more here: About Me.

If you have any question on VIP tours Israel, requests or thoughts, please Contact Me.  

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