Masada and the Dead Sea

A tour to Masada and the Dead Sea area offers the opportunity to learn more about the famous Jewish revolt that took place there, and to enjoy a world-famous bathing spot. The tour reveals the story of heroic soldiers and citizens, followed by a visit to a luxurious resort area located at the lowest place on earth, the Dead Sea.

The Masada Dead Sea tour begins in Tel Aviv and arrives at the Dead Sea region via the Judean mountains and Jerusalem. This route will take us near the Qumran caves where the renowned Dead Sea Scrolls were found, and where John the Baptist is considered to have spent part of his life. We will travel through the Ein Gedi area, the main water source for this region. Biblical stories will come to life at Ein Gedi.

From amidst the desert landscapes, the tabletop mountain of Masada will be revealed before our eyes.

combining the wonders of nature with the magnificence of human architecture embodied by fortress built on the mountain top by King Herod the Great.

The National Park – MasadaMasada, Israel

We will ascend to the fort by the cable car, or on foot if you prefer and time permits it. We will explore the last stronghold of the Zealots who defied the mighty Roman Empire and who made their last stand against the Romans at this fortified castle. This spot contains the remains from these exciting times. We will view the historical architecture, including the walls, the palaces, and the ancient synagogue from this time, which is the oldest known one in the world. We will also see the ancient water cisterns, the mosaic floors, Herod’s private Roman bath and many additional sights.

These fascinating antiques are one reason that Masada is Israel’s number one archeological site, and the national park with the highest number of visitors.

Floating at the lowest place in the world – Dead Sea and Masada Tours

Kids are floating in the Dead Sea resort After lunch, we will continue to the Dead Sea beach and spa area. Here we will enjoy the singular experience of floating on the Dead Sea waters with their unique therapeutic effects.

Our Dead Sea and Masada tours will grant us a visit at the Ahava factory, where the Dead Sea’s special skin products are manufactured. While there, we will learn about this unique place and there will be time for shopping.

Following an exciting and full day of travel, we will head back to your hotel.

Please note the following important points:

For our visit to the Dead Sea, we request that you bring these items with you:
– A bathing suit in your travel bag – a suitable changing room will be provided
– Drinking water
– A hat
– Proper sun protection
– A towel – you may rent one on location if you prefer lighter travel
– A change of clothing, to wear after our dip in the Dead Sea
– Sea sandals for people with known feet sensitivity

it might be better not to shave 24 hours before our trip, especially during the summer. This advice applies to both men and women.


  • This day tour is longer than other tours (around 10 hours).
  • If time permits, we will be able to stop in Ein Gedi or Qumran.

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