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Welcome to the Land of Christ!

Extending this greeting gives me as much pleasure as it surely gives you to hear it. This is the very reason that I’m aware of how meaningful a visit to Israel can and should be.

The footsteps of JesusJerusalem, Israel

When you choose me as your tour guide, we’ll be able to experience this once-in-a-lifetime journey together. We’ll go on an excursion which will be unlike anything you’ve known so far or are ever likely to experience again. This is a guarantee for anyone who is faithful, as it is only in Israel that you can walk in the actual footsteps of Jesus Christ.

This was the homeland of Jesus, the place where all this spiritual leader’s teachings grew

and spread across the world. You will see for yourself how majestic and exceptional this country is. As we follow the exact routes which Christ traveled so long ago, on our own two feet.

For many pilgrims, visiting this country and treading its sacred soil is something that they could only dream about for years.

A dream comes true

Turning this dream into a reality is the opportunity of a lifetime. You deserve an experience that is as complete and as authentic as you always desired. This trip will enable you to literally envision the life and times of Jesus Christ – you will walk where Jesus walked, look where Jesus gazed, and visit the places where Jesus lived. Your pilgrimage to Israel is our solemn commitment. At Holy Land Private Tours, we see our job to make sure that this experience is as perfect and genuine as possible. One that you will never forget.

The New Testament comes to life

During this Journey, we’ll travel to the most important sites cited in the New Testament. Emphasizing the churches and the sites which are so important. We’ll

Old City in Jerusalem Nightlife

Overview of Old City in Jerusalem, Israel with The Dome of the Rock

make sure to see places sanctified by Jesus’ presence, images of which fill the minds of so many Christians who long to visit Israel. These special spots include the Church of the Holy Sepulcher, the Church of Nativity, the Mount of Beatitude, the Via Dolorosa and many more.

The names alone will probably make your heart race, but that is nothing in comparison with the full and vivid picture of Jesus’ times into which we will venture together.

We have a plethora of ideas for interesting tours.

Whether you plan a longer and in-depth tour of a lifetime, or only have one free day, let us jointly celebrate the realization of all the wishes you’ve ever nurtured for your visit to the land of Christ.

Follow in the footsteps of Jesus, to arrive at locations meaningful to all Catholics. Physically visit the sacred spots that are honored at every Sunday Mass, for your perfect pilgrim’s progress.


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