The Port of Ashdod

Welcome to Israel

As your ship docks at the port city of Ashdod, you will be stepping off the deck and into a site of unique historical significance. Ashdod was one of the five cities settled by the Philistines in the Land of Israel during biblical times.

In 1965, the modern State of Israel also recognized Ashdod as an important maritime site, and it has been the country’s main port ever since. The city is therefore a wonderful backdrop to some of the most exciting shore excursions available in Israel, and quite possibly the very best you’ll experience during the entirety of your cruise.

Whether you are a follower of the Christian or Jewish faith, or any other religion, this country plays a pivotal role in the history of humanity, so it is a place that you have undoubtedly heard about. This land probably contains more to see and explore than you’ve ever imagined, making for an exciting and enlightening experience which you won’t want to miss.

Your time here will be limited (most ships dock here for 1 or 2 nights). You can meet your natural goal to make most of your brief visit, by docking at this southern

The Port of Ashdod Israel

port. Employ the services of a private guide of Israel to allow for a trip that is as full as possible. I will ensure that you enjoy a custom planned tour, complying with all your needs, desires, requirements and wishes. A well-planned trip will also provide you with peace of mind, as your time here is carefully planned and ideally utilized.

Couple of your best options

The most heartily recommended excursion that starts at the port of Ashdod is the Jerusalem day tour. This tour can be planned with either a Christian or Jewish emphasis. It is also possible to create a tour based on a blend of both, according to your preference.

A tour to Southern Israel is another great possibility when docking in Ashdod. This port can serve as a starting point for your tour of the lowest spot on Earth and its bewilderingly beautiful

The Dead Sea and Masada

and historical surroundings, on a day excursion of The Dead Sea and Masada.

Ashdod can serve as a starting point for a wonderful day trip to the coastal plain. Your tour guide will introduce you to the cities of Caesarea, Jaffa and Tel Aviv, built along the Mediterranean shore. You may opt for a more relaxed coastal tour, with a visit to the neighboring cities of Jaffa & Tel-Aviv. Combining historical sites with modern-day tourist diversions and city nightlife.

If the tours offered from Haifa port are to your liking, they can be adapted from Ashdod as well. Provided that you plan a longer day of travel. An overnight stay in Jerusalem is very recommended for tours that extend beyond one day. Especially if the cruise includes visits to both ports. Choosing the night stayover option gifts you with at least two additional hours for sightseeing.

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