The Footsteps of Our Forefathers – Jerusalem from a Jewish Perspective


A breathtaking panoramic view of Jerusalem from the Mount of Olives will start our journey here, directly overlooking the Temple Mount and the Old City. These location is holy to all three of the major religions and we’ll dwell on the reasons why. 

The Old City of jerusalem

Just like stepping into a picture, we’ll directly continue into our object of observation, namely the Old City. Absorbing the sights and sounds of the diverse elements found in each quarter always proves to be an exceptional experience and so we’ll walk through all of them: the Jewish, Christian, Muslim and Armenian quarters. 

Our first station will transport us back in time by descending one floor and entering the Herodian Quarter, a site with history that stretches back over two millennia and where Jerusalem’s aristocracy and the Temple’s priests used to live their lives.

Next stop is particularly enlightening regarding life in this city during Roman times, the Cardo. We’ll see both the ancient Roman Cardo, which was the center of commercial life back in the day, and the modern Jewish Cardo. Afterwards, we will pay a visit to the 

enthralling Burnt House exhibit.

Another incredible site we’ll stop by is the gorgeous and newly renovated Hurva Synagogue, which is the central Jewish house of prayer in the Old City. If time permits it, we’ll also see all or some of the four

the Western Wall

Jerusalem, Israel

Sephardi synagogues that are found here as well. 

The climax of this part of the tour is the Western Wall (HaKotel), unquestionably the holiest and most cherished Jewish site in existence. After gaining an appreciation of the last remnant from the period of the Holy Temple and its importance to the Jewish people, we’ll have some free time for prayer and for placing personal notes between the 2000 year old stones. 

We’ll continue our tour through the Western Wall Tunnels (optional, pre-booking is required), shuttling us back into that ancient period by letting us walk the streets of those days on the very feet of the Temple Mount. 

Mount Zion 

Last but certainly not least, we’ll pay our respects to the tomb of King David at Mount Zion.

We’ll next inspect an area with the reputation of being one of the most excavated in the world and is accordingly intriguing and richly rewarding – The City of David.

Temple Mount, Jerusalem, Israel

Here the City of Jerusalem began, dating back an unfathomable 3000 years! 

We’ll explore the different periods of history that existed in this site; see the extraordinary water system that King Hezekiah built in preparation for the impending Assyrian attack on the city; and comprehend how Joab, son of Tzuria, conquered the city for his king, David, becoming the chief general.

A walk in the wet tunnel will close our day, ending with our arrival at the Siloam Pool in the recently discovered underground street from the Second Temple period, retreading the footsteps of our Jewish ancestors during their many pilgrimages.


Alternatively, you can skip the City of David and instead visit Yad Vashem, Israel’s national Holocaust museum, or the Israel Museum, where you can see a gigantic Second Temple period model of Jerusalem and the Dead Sea Scrolls.

Please note: Modest clothing will be needed for this tour today and for the cross to Bethlehem a passport will be required for entrance.

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