The Footsteps of Our Forefathers – Jerusalem from a Jewish Perspective


Jerusalem Day Tours

Jerusalem contains many varied facets. All part of the fascinating mosaic of the capital city of Israel.

Ancient history and modern politics are present, sacred and ancient live side by side, and all three monotheistic religions are represented in Jerusalem.

the old city of jerusalem

The view of the Temple Mount, Jerusalem, Israel

The city contains over 3000 years of heritage. In addition,  the city is also an important location in modern day Israel, with most governmental and legislative bodies residing in the city.

Jerusalem Holy Land day tours are planned in a flexible way, according to tourist choice. The day tour consists of three main parts.

Our day tour begins with an ascent to the top of the Mount of Olives which is important to both Jews and Christians. This spot displays a magnificent view of the city.


It holds great sacred and historical significance for both religions. This is the site of many churches and Jewish burial sites, and the magnificent, panoramic view of Jerusalem includes such important sites as the Temple Mount, the former spot of the Holy Temple. For instance, even the distant Judean desert can be seen from this vantage spot.

Continuing to the second part of the day – The Old City. Here we will visit all four of the Jewish, Christian, Muslim and Armenian quarters.

The Western Wall – Trip To Jerusalem

Jerusalem Holy Land Tour - the Western Wall

Jerusalem, Israel

The Jewish Quarter is full of ancient architecture and evoke historical times. As you walk through the Roman & Jewish Cardos. The climax of any Jerusalem day tours is the visit at the Western Wall (HaKotel), unquestionably the holiest and most cherished Jewish site in existence. After gaining an appreciation of the last remnant from the period of the Holy Temple and its importance to the Jewish people, we’ll have some free time for prayer and for placing personal notes between the 2000 year old stones.

Here, we’ll have some free time for prayer and for placing personal notes between the 2000 year old stones. 

Some of the other religious sites in the Jewish Quarter include the Four Sephardic Synagogues, built to accommodate the various streams of the Sephardic community, and the Hurva synagogue, which represents the ruin of the pious Rabbi Judah. above all, we have the Herodian quarter is one more place we’ll visit. A magnificent part of the upper town of Jerusalem from the second temples period. this was the residence of the high priests and the rich families.

If time permits, we will pay a visit to the enthralling Burnt House exhibit.

Next we’ll continue our tour through the Western Wall Tunnels (optional, pre-booking is required), shuttling us back into that ancient period by letting us walk the streets of those days on the very feet of the Temple Mount. 

In addition, Jerusalem holds also some of the most important sites for Christians as well. During the day, we can have the option of traverse the famous Via Dolorosa, and also to visit the Church of the Holy Sepulchre. This is the path Jesus was taking to the crucifixion.

The New Jerusalem – Jerusalem Holy Land Tour

The third part of the Jerusalem day tour depends on your preference.

One option is to pay a visit Yad Vashem, the Holocaust Memorial. Other one can be the Day Trips Jerusalem compelling Israel Museum, which contains an enormous model of Jerusalem and the The Shrine of the Book. Here we’ll see the Dead Sea Scrolls the oldest bible scrolls copies in the world. The scrolls provide us an unforgettable glimpse of Jewish history.


In conclusion, no matter what your emphasis is, we’ll pack Your Jerusalem day tour with fascinating sights, sounds and scenes.

The ancient harmoniously existing beside the secular and modern will create an enriching Jerusalem visit.


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