Nighttime Tours

If you really want to get to know a country, it’s best to experience it at all hours.

Israel looks different after sundown, and it would be a great pity to miss this special side of the country.

Nighttime Tours

Overview of Old City in Jerusalem, Israel with The Dome of the Rock Mosque

Nighttime tours has many advantages. The tours are enchanting, and there is no need to deal with traffic or crowds. This land, with its modern vibe and ancient splendor, is especially magical during the night hours.

These tours abound with wonders, while still providing much needed relaxation at the end of a full day. The atmosphere during a night excursion manages to capture a city’s after dark calmness and its peaceful illumination. Enjoy the pleasant night air, coupled with a completely different kind of life that you encounter during nighttime.

What are My main options,

Two examples of night tours of Israeli cities are tours in Jaffa and Jerusalem.

Both cities are enchanting during the day but equally – and differently – breathtaking in the nighttime. These tours offer an unusual and fascinating perspective on the Middle Eastern life as it takes shape once the sun has set and the locals’ workday is done.

The Old City of Jaffa is even more beautiful by night, and the night weather is a lot more bearable than during the hot hours of the day. Jaffa port is among the most ancient in the world, and Bible stories come alive at night, as you walk the lovely streets and alleys of the Old City. There is nothing quite like Jaffa at night, as

Old City of Jerusalem

The tel aviv night city, azrieli center, Israel

a famous local song promises.

The Old City of Jerusalem dons a special mantel at night. You can take a tour around the city walls, and view the city from observation points, to experience it in a totally new way.

Night tours in Tel Aviv are no problem, as this is the city that never sleeps! Bar tours are a good idea, if you want to enjoy Tel Aviv’s vivacious night life.




You can also climb Masada, just before dawn, and see the sunrise at its peak. This experience you will never forget.

We can plan a night tour just as easily as planning day tours, as a separate one-day experience or better, as a part of your journey of the land.


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