One of the most exciting things about exploring an unknown land is the possibility of seeing it from a distinct angle and that is precisely what these tours can offer you, a refreshing and unique chance to see one of the cities of Israel in all its nocturnal splendor. The atmosphere during a night excursion manages to capture a city’s after dark calmness, its peaceful illumination, the pleasant night air, alongside the fullness of a very different kind of life that one can encounter during nighttime. This one is abounding with wonders, while still providing much needed relaxation at the end of a full day.

are two examples for nocturnal tours of Israeli cities, Jaffa and Jerusalem, each enchanting during the day but equally (and differently) breathtaking in the nighttime, offering an unusual and fascinating perspective on the Middle Eastern life as it takes shape once the sun has set and the locals’ work day is done.

Jaffa is believed to have been founded by the son of Noah, Japheth, soon after the end of the biblical flood and was at one point or another under the rule of the Egyptians, the Canaanites, the Assyrians, the Phoenicians, the Macedonians, the Babylonians, the Romans and the Philistines. This is also where the Bible tells us that the ambivalent prophet Jonah has set sail from on his way to Tarshish, as commanded by God. Saint Peter also passed through the city and is believed to have performed several miracles here. We’ll get to experience a splinter of the astounding history of Jaffa during our nocturnal tour along the shore, as it is the oldest port city in the world to have been continuously inhabited since about 7500 BC and its importance also came in ancient times from the fact that it provided sea farers with the most direct route to Jerusalem. During the nightly hours, Jaffa opens up its stone-paved alleys for laid back strolls beside the seashore, with the lullaby of the waves as a wonderful background and many of the city’s old buildings and modern promenades gorgeously lit. There’s also the chance of encountering local merchants and sampling their food.

In Jerusalem, a nocturnal walk can be just as enriching as any day tour would be, as it is without question a city overflowing with historical sites, spiritual spots and a profound charm that continues to flow and is even enhanced after the setting of the sun. One of the options we can adopt here is following the Walls Promenade, which is built upon the Old City Walls themselves and surrounds this most ancient part of the eternal sacred city. It gives exceptionally beautiful panoramic views of the illuminated streets, of the impressive monuments, of the mixture of varied textures that constitute the different municipal parts and of the hills around. We could also leisurely stroll such prominent touristic sites as the Mount of Olives, the Haas Promenade which gives a beautiful view of the city from one of its newer parts, the Jewish Quarter, the lively city center where many times one can find street performers during the evening and colorful ambiance, all with the added romantic touch of walking the streets of Jerusalem in the night, just as the famous beloved from King Solomon’s Song of Songs once did.

In exactly the same manner in which you can discover a whole new way of seeing and feeling these two cities, there are many exciting sites in Israel which you can explore in the later hours, when most tourists have already turned in to sleep and an alternate atmosphere takes over. We can plan a nocturnal tour in any of them just as soon as you express your wish to experience them during the night.



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