Is it safe to tour Israel?

Yes. 99% of Israel is safer than 95% of north America and most of Europe.

However, still, we live in Israel in a complicated situation, and we can assure you that the news always exaggerates – this is their main purpose- they want us all to listen them. Good news are no news!!
During your tour we will visit only safe places and we’ll not go anywhere that might danger us.

Last year almost 5 milion visiters
We all tour here as much as we can with no fear since we depend on our security forces to protect us from anything that might happen.
Anyhow, we will avoid visiting places/ areas of high risk – for our safety.

Do you offer “REGULAR DAILY” group tours or package tours?

Holy Land Private Tours offers only customized, tailor made private tours.
For cruise passengers there is an option to find more companions on the ship or cruise forum and combining with them. If you wish to have more members it will be made by you only. Of course, your group can be for as many guests you need.

Do you book hotels, or do we need to book it on our own?

We recommend to book hotels only after finalizing your itinerary.
Having that made, You MAY book your own hotels or to do it by us. I can help you with 3-5-star hotels.

The decision is yours.

How much do your tours cost?

We divide the tour costs to the following parameters:

  • Transportation and guiding- taking into consideration the number of guests and the site you wish to visit and see (basically the itinerary).
  • If needed the guide’s overnights

One should also take into consideration:

  • Entrance fees to various sites – depending on the itinerary.
  • Hotels can be reserved as per your budget.

We also offer Airport assistance and transfers

What is the best length for our tour of Israel?

Our recommendation for a first time visiters is to have 7 -12 days to see the highlights and much more. However you can take into consideration to have some free time to relax if you like it.
7-day tour allows you to enjoy 2-3 days in Jerusalem and Bethlehem , 1 day to Masada and Dead Sea add  and 2-3 days in the North.
clearly, more time you’ll have – more sites you can see in Israel.

If you have less time – we’re able to offer you a fantastic experience as well which include the highlights of specific regions.

Since this is a Private tour- we can costume the time we have to your interest and wishes.

Can I stay in one place like Jerusalem or Tel Aviv?

If you would like to enjoy more time in site seeing than on the roads, we suggest you’ll divide you overnight stay between different cities in Israel.
The distance from the various areas can take from half an hour to 3 and sometimes more.
When we customize your itinerary, we suggest the overnights to enhance you experience in site seeing. Usually 2-3 different overnight locations.
Nevertheless, it is possible to stay in one of the cities and use it as your base – most sites in Israel are in a drive distance from Tel Aviv or Jerusalem, you should only consider the fact of long way drives.

What kind of vehicles do you offer?

The vehicle will always be new, air-conditioned, comfortable vehicle.
We offer you vehicles for small as well as big group- The size of vehicle will be compatible to the size of the group.

Anything I skipped… please ask me here

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When is the best period for a visit in Israel?

Each period have it’s own benefits and disbenefits (like everything in life 😊)
There are guests that like the winter period which is January – February because the winter is not hard in Israel and it is much less crowded everywhere.
The temperatures start to rise around March and April- which is the beginning of the Spring.
March, May-June & September –November – high season, the weather is perfect but it is busy everywhere.

Summer -July & August- is very hot. The temperature are 32 degrees Celsius and up. The humidity along the coast is high, and even higher inland.
around the Christian and the jewish holidays it is busy and the hotels are expensive.
If you don’t like the heat, July and August are not for you!

Which is the high season?

The high season is Israel for Jews is the holidays which change from year to year as per the Jewish Calendar  – “Sukkot” and “Passover” as well as August when most Israelis are in their Holiday.
The sites and roads are more crowded and busy.
For the Christians visiters, the high season is second half of December, March, May-June & September –November.

When should I book?

It depends on your choice of dates.
The busiest months are April-June, September-December, so if you like to reserve a good guide and hotels we recommend to book as soon as you can.
If it’s for a lower season you might book later, although we always say that if you would like better options for a great guide the sooner you book it’s always the better.

Is Petra tour part of your itinerary?

Petra is in Jordan.

If you wish to visit there we can set it up. We are working with great guides in Jordan and the tour can be set very easily.

You should add at least 2 days to your visit in order to visit of Petra.
For a the visit you should usually get to Eilat from which the tour will start by crossing the border to Jordan and have a tour.
We offer to help you to arrange this part of your tour, however you should take into consideration that it’s a different country and I cannot guide you there, as per Jordan regulations.
To Eilat you can either fly from Tel Aviv and back, or we can add a tour also on the way to Eilat.

Can we include a visit to Egypt and the Pyramids?

It is possible however you should add more days to your itinerary.
To visit the pyramids in Egypt you can either continue your tour from Petra to Amman Jordan and then fly to Cairo Egypt and from there fly back home.

There’s also a possibility to get back to Israel from Petra, cross the border to Egypt and to get to Cairo by car (or flying from Sharm El Sheik to Cairo and back and from there to Eilat). Another option is to fly home directly from Cairo.

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