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Planning a Trip to Israel

Amongst the many options open to you when you decide to book a private tour in the Holy Land, we highly recommend the VIP package. It boasts a first class service and is specifically built with small groups in mind, such as families looking to maximize the comfort element of their vacation, shore excursion travelers who have precious little time in the country and businessmen who are interested in adding exhilarating experiences to their trip, to name but a few.

The VIP Israel tours include the very best that this land has to offer, including luxurious accommodation, deluxe transport vehicles, gourmet restaurants, the finest spas available and much more. All this will be arranged with the intention of turning your holiday into a fully pampering retreat, leaving you free to rest, relax and explore the land. And as always, your itinerary during the journey will be customized to fit your specific needs, requirements and wishes in order to guarantee one hundred percent satisfaction.

Planning any trip requires quite a lot of thought, organization and familiarity with the land you’re about to travel to as well as knowing how to meet your goals through the best decision making possible. It’s for this reason that in the following page you can find helpful tips and pointers on how to best plan your journey through Israel and maximize your enjoyment during your stay.

When booking a private tour, naturally all arrangements are made for you and the trip’s itinerary will be customized to suit you specifically and your needs and wishes. These points for thought will help you point out to your private tour guide what aspects of the country you’d like to explore together and in what ways.

Which time of the year are you counting on for your tour in Israel?

There are marked differences between visiting Israel during the summer versus during the winter time in terms of weather and optimal ways of having a good time during each season. Holy Land Private Tours can attune your trip accordingly and will always be at your service, no matter what time of year you come or by which means you plan to travel, whether by air, sea or land.

Who are the travelers?

The trip can best be planned when taking into account the identity of the group of travelers coming: how many will they be and of what age or ages? Are there any participants with special requirements or interests?

How do you prefer to tour the land?

Israel is a small country, relatively speaking, yet transportation can always be tricky. Despite the short distances, you’ll find that you are crossing three different climate zones and decidedly different geographic conditions. This is why means of transport matter so much and you get to decide how it best suits you to travel.

Where would you prefer to stay?

At Holy Land Private Tours, all you need to do is state what is your preferred means of accommodation in order for us to get the best rates for you with minimal need for your involvement. However, if it is your preference to take care of this part of your trip by yourself, we could recommend the hotels that would best serve your need when taking into consideration your itinerary and budget.

What are the sites that you would want to visit?

You can use the many itineraries, specialty offers and traveling suggestions on this site to get an idea of what the places that you would prefer seeing in Israel are and which kind of trip you would like. By letting Holy Land Private Tours know what these are, your itinerary can be constructed specifically for you, with all of your wishes in mind, to optimize your time here and make sure you see all the sites you would like to visit in the best possible way.

What’s my first step in making my dream of a trip to Israel a reality?

Providing you with all of our knowledge, experience and information, we are always at your service. You can simply use the contact option available on this site and give whatever initial info you have on when you are coming and what you’d like to see and we will assist you in everything, step by step into order to turn your dream into a spectacular reality.

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