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Just like You want it

When you take a private tour you:

  • Maximize your time – your time is precious and should be spent wisely.
  • Visit the places you wish – a private tour focuses on your interests.
  • Travel at your own pace and can make changes on the go.
  • Enjoy the best of all worlds – travel in comfort, skip lines and enjoy VIP treatment.

A private tour is the best way to see the land of Israel. Group tours may be fun, especially if you enjoy socializing, but you are ever dependent on the other tourists’ needs and interests. A great deal of time and energy is spent on trying to accommodate everyone, you’re just one of another fifty tourists. Tour guides also need to comply with the organizers, who have understandable agendas of their own.

the private tour is best suited to your own needs and desires.

Tailor Made Tour

Our tours being tailored to small groups, such as a family or a small group of cruise passengers. Private tours are also ideal for business executives with tight

Tailor Made Tour Israel

schedules. When business takes precedence, a private tour lets you make the most of the little free time left over to enjoy this country, which has so much to see and savor.

Public transportation in Israel is good, but routes do not reach every destination, and you are dependent on travel schedules, and on unforeseen delays. On a large group tour, you are still dependent on other travelers.

A private tour promises you an optimal way of touring the country. Independent of any external obligations, you are free to craft a journey that perfectly suits your wishes, requirements and pace.

When you contact and book with us, we will help you to plan an itinerary that is centered on your own expectations. We have many sample routes to give you an idea of the possibilities. These itineraries can be specifically made to suit you. We plan your schedule in a meticulous manner, taking your trip logistics into account and managing overall quality, while still affording you control of every step of the process. Explanations are suited to you alone, providing you with pertinent information for your Israel tour. You will enjoy the highest of touring expertise with Holy Land Private Tours.

Our Guides

You will travel with experienced and highly professional tour guide, in one of many available top-quality touring vehicles. Merging comfort with practicality, you gain the highest standard of touristic transportation you could desire. Your vehicle and driver are adapted to group size, and available to you throughout your journey. The route will be smooth and convenient, and any unexpected hitches will be dealt with in an efficient and timely manner. Your driver and guide are completely attuned to you alone for the entire duration of your private tour.

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